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Australia all vegan bed and breakfast

Let us make you feel welcome & comfortable in our lovingly restored country barn tucked away in a secluded pocket of Australian bush land.

With over 60 acres to soak up the sights & sounds you will also have a private island to enjoy in the middle of a lake that is over 3.5 acres in size. Located in the heart of the Victorian countryside we are close to towns like Castlemaine, which was established during the gold rush & offers a great day out for guests.

The bed & breakfast was created to fund the veterinary costs, food & shelter required to care for the animal community that live here. They have come here in search of refuge & of a loving forever home. Your stay helps them live out their days fear free whilst enjoying the company of humans.

We are not a sanctuary in the traditional sense, nor are we a petting zoo. We are family.

We offer a wonderful range of delicious meals & welcome any couple or single person looking for that special time away where it is about them & connecting to the land & to animals.

We welcome vegans & pre-vegans & cook a hearty breakfast for you to enjoy!

Warm regards,

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The Bed & Broccoli: A Very Special Experience book is now available as an ebook! Grab your copy here. And there’s a link just to the right if you’d like a physical copy.


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